License terms and conditions

License terms and conditions

License agreement

The product Fellowmind Learning Portal hereby called "The Learning Portal" is licensed by the number of users who have access to the solution. These license terms determine which service is involved and the continuous license costs. With this agreement, the customer ensures new and updated courses as well as general bug fixes for the learning portal - as well as unlimited consumption of the same courses for all licensed employees.

Product Description

The Learning Portal is a virtual learning universe where a user can search for knowledge and build up relevant competencies in Microsoft tools that are accessible to the user. The overall purpose is to support the deployment of new tools (adoption), technologies and processes - and thus to create a more efficient, uniform and correct work routine for the user.

A cloud-based solution

The Learning Portal is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS). This means that the customer does not have to establish a server and operate it. Development of the portal's functionalities is ongoing, as does the updating of the courses - both as part of the service.

System Development and Hosting

Fellowmind Denmark operates and delivers this service and is single point-of-contact for all questions as well as support. The learning portal is hosted on an Azure server in Europe (Holland). The software system (LMS functionality) has been developed by the Danish company Cursum A / S.

Service and support

This solution does not require a service and support agreement. For customers who have their own courses in the learning portal, a service and support agreement is recommended.

Standard Courses

In the learning portal, Fellowmind delivers and maintains several standard courses. These are designed for end users in their first interaction with a new Microsoft tool. Those who are familiar with Microsoft training levels will know this as "level 100".

Course content

In the learning portal there are courses for and within; Windows 10, Office Pro +, Office 365 - but not in Access and Publisher who are pure PC products.

Course Language

All courses are available in: Danish, English

Own courses

If a customer wants to add their own courses, a separate agreement must be made on this; this is not covered by this license.


The learning portal is settled according to a license model based on the number of users that must be able to access the solution. All licensed users in an Office 365 tenant are similarly licensed to the Learning Portal.

License, start date

The license will be settled from the beginning of the following events: The Learning Portal will be launched for end users 3 weeks after the activity: Kick off, 5 weeks after contracting. The first license is settled for 12 months unless there is a separate agreement.


The supplier has full copyright to the Learning Portal, including source code, documentation material and course content, since the rights of use for the end-users are transferred to the Customer. The customer's right of use to the Learning Portal is not limited in time. The content of courses may not be passed on to others, copied or otherwise communicated to other parties or to other contexts, media or systems, unless a written agreement has been made.

Right of usage

The customer must use the Learning Portal within the group, including subsidiaries that acquire the license. If the Customer is later divided into different companies, a new agreement must be signed between the new company (s) and the Supplier. If at a later date the Customer is merged with other companies and the Learning Portal is still used, the Customer must verify that the number of user licenses is in accordance with the license agreements and if not then the customer must purchase more user licenses for the Learning Portal.


The licenses for the Learning Portal may be transferred in connection with the sale of the Customer under the condition that the new buyer accepts this agreement. The Customer may not assign the Learning Portal to another 3rd party without the Supplier's consent. The customer must not copy content, redistribute, or resell. The content must not leave the learning portal without entering an agreement with the supplier.

Notice of termination

There are 3 month’s notice period. In the event of termination, the Customer loses the right to continue to use the Learning Portal. Neither party is entitled to any form of compensation, including compensation in relation to the other party's termination of the agreement.

Liability and Disclaimer

The Customer cannot claim against the Supplier for matters that can be attributed to the Customer's incorrect use of the System or the Customer's use in violation of its use rights to the system.The customer cannot make demands against the Supplier for errors in the system or for loss or inconvenience caused by a lack of system availability.

In particular the Supplier shall under no circumstances - including negligence - be liable for indirect or consequential damages (including loss of anticipated profit, loss of revenue due to lack of system availability, lost data or their re-establishment, loss of goodwill or similar consequential damages) in connection with use of the system. The Supplier's liability for loss or damage may in no case, irrespective of whether negligence may be attributed to the Supplier, exceed an amount corresponding to the price paid by the Customer for the Learning Portal.

Annual price regulation

License prices are regulated once a year. The license prices are adjusted with the minimum net price index.