IntraActive Products

IntraActive is a suite of products for Office 365 that focuses on establishing a strong communication and collaboration platform.


With the IntraActive product suite, you will be able to utilize the full potential of Office 365.


The suite consists of IntraActive Intranet, IntraActive Governance for Microsoft Teams, IntraActive Connect and IntraActive Learning.

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IntraActive Intranet

IntraActive Intranet is an addon product for SharePoint and Office 365, and acts as an accelerator to build a user-friendly intranet by adding a large number of features to SharePoint. It can be easy targeting, user-friendly navigation, specially desgined mobile app, integration with Teams and other smart elements.

IntraActive Governance

IntraActive Governance is the product that ensures management, transparency and overview in the use of Microsoft Teams. Create Teams in structure and define the life cycle you want for your different types of Teams.

IntraActive Connect

IntraActive Connect opens up collaboration across organizations, for example when a larger company wants to collaborate with its subsidiaries or when a municipality wants to be able to easily communicate and collaborate with the staff in the school area.