Course Updates

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Update of the Governance course

Our Governance course has gotten a makeover, so that the videos now are equivalent of the reality that users meet in the Governance product. It is a better user experience that you can take the course while you use the product as well and it all looks the same.

NEW course - Best Practice

The course will help you getting the most out of your Learning Portal. It does not focus on a Microsoft tool, but on your use and behavior with the Portal. The course contains good habits that you as a an owner of the Learning Portal should have, as well as a lot of links, inspiration and knowledge. New customers automatically get the course, and we will also roll it out to you existing customers soon.

The course will only be visible for the users that are part of your administration for your Portal.


Previous updates

NEW Course: Introduction to Tasks

The course is now done in Danish and English, and it is released in the area / Course Catalogue Task Management in your solution.

NEW Course: Welcome to the Learning Portal

This is a course that can only be viewed of new users of the Portal. It gives an introduction to the Portal and its features as well as showing how to share courses with coworkers. The course will be released to you soon.


A video about Board View is now live in your solutions. It shows how to use Board View and how to turn it off again.

Teams: Introduction in English. The course has now been updated with the new videos in English, so that everyone can have a good experience with getting started with Teams.

Clean Up: Some old banners from OneNote, Teams: Expand and the SharePoint Courses have been removed. They were neither helpful nor pretty, so it looks just as nice that they are not there anymore.

Delve have gotten a clean up as well. The course now show what Delve is today.

Teams: Tasks
Even a new course can be in need of an update. In the case of Teams: Tasks, it lacked a video about getting the app into Teams, which is now available in both Danish and English. We have also added a missing English video that was a little behind schedule.

Teams: Introduction
We are done with the Danish update of Teams: Introduction. The course now shows the latest updates of Teams, which is a much better experience for new users of Teams. The English version is on its way and will be ready soon.

In December we completed the new course Teams: Tasks. The course goes takes you through how to use the Tasks app in Teams, where you can manage your tasks from To Do and Planner. The course will be available in your solutions at January 12th. By then the course will be ready in both Danish and English.

Planner in English has been updated to match the latest Danish version. That means new videos that better explain how to get started as well as recommendations on how to best use Planner.

Lists have received “Get started checklists” in both Danish and English. The checklist helps the user take the first steps in the new program.

Yammer now has a “Get started checklist” in English.

OneDrive for Business has received an update to the video “Share documents” in both Danish and English. In the new video, we show the updated sharing function that you can find in Office 365.

Planner has been reworked from top to bottom with brand new videos. The course now focuses on getting started with the program, and we give our recommendations on how you can succeed with Planner. The English version will arrive next month.

To Do has had a lift in sound quality in the Danish videos where we have condensed the information and thus cut the course down by five minutes. Furthermore, there is a new quiz and a checklist in the course.

Teams: Meetings now has an English version of the video ‘Make yourself a part of the presentation’.

Office on Web has received a complete overhaul. We now focus on what you need to know when working in a browser instead of focusing on Word, PowerPoint, and Excel as individual tools. The course is ready in both Danish and English.

Teams: Create and Adjust: The introvideo now has an English speak. We have also updated and improved the quiz in the course. 
Teams: Calls: A new video about transferring ongoing calls is now live in both Danish and English. The course is also updated and improved with a new slide on how to sign in and out of Call Queues.
Teams: Meetings in Danish has a new video that will show you how to insert yourself as part of your presentation.
To Do: The English videos are improved with better audio both in terms of quality and information which improves the overall course experience.

IntraActive Governance has been remade in both Danish and English. It now matches the latest version of the product. 
The Yammer course has been remade in both Danish and English.
A video about autoreply in the Outlook course has been made in both Danish and English.
A video about autoreply in the Outlook app has been made in both Danish and English.
A video about the navigation arrows in Microsoft Teams has been made in Danish (soon also in English).
Graphics about including system sounds in a meeting in Teams: Meetings have been remade in Danish and English.
Microsoft Teams: Collaboration shrinks per 1/9 as some of the content moves to the new course. See below.
NEW COURSE: Microsoft Teams: Create and customize is live from 1/9-2021 for all customers. The course focuses on creating and customizing new channels and teams - and why you need to create them. A lot of the content comes from Teams: Collaboration.

Lists: The course is now finished in both Danish and English and has been rolled out to customers now
SharePoint: Introduction has been updated with new sound in Danish
Planner: A new video about the background image has been added to the course
Teams Meetings: A new "share your screen" video is ready in both Danish and English

Microsoft Lists: New Course

Lists help keep track of information and data. Whether the information is error messages, equipment, events or something completely different, Lists can help.
Lists take lists to new heights with more features: It can be integrated into Teams, it can automate workflows, it can contain comments and it can be viewed from mobile. In the course, we review the basic functions of Lists, so you can quickly get started using that program.
The course is only available in Danish right now. We expect to have the English version ready in early June.

Teams: Expand

Updated with two new videos. One is about Lists; how to get one your lists in Teams and the other is about Forms; how to get results from a survey into Teams.

Teams Meetings:

The course has been updated with a new video on how to share your screen during a meeting.
The course has been updated with a new video about PowerPoint presentations in Team meetings.

Teams: Intro, Teams: Collaboration and Teams: Courses:

We have strengthened the quizzes in the Teams courses

Teams: Introduction has been updated with a short and improved video that introduces a meeting in Teams.

Teams: Meetings
The course has been updated with a new video showing how to set up a teams meeting.
The page on Shared Documents in Chat is updated with things to keep in mind when using the chat feature during a meeting.

Teams: Collaboration

All meeting-related content from Teams: Collaboration has been moved to Teams: Meetings, and in the future, you will find all updated material about the meeting feature there.

Teams: Meetings are updated with tips on how to manage shared documents in the chat feature.

Teams: Expand has been updated with a new video about the new feature: Tasks for Teams.

Microsoft Teams: Meetings

We can now present a new course about meetings in Teams. The course introduces the available features before, during and after a Teams meeting.

Microsoft Outlook

The update of the Outlook course in English is complete, and the course is therefore ready.

Office: Introduction

We can now present a new course on Office, that introduces the new, unifying experience and the corresponding new Office app on mobile.

New Quizzes
We have updated our quizzes on the tools in the Office suite. This applies to PowerPoint, Word, OneNote and Excel.

Microsoft Outlook

The course has been provided with a short Tips & Tricks video that explains how to eview week numbers in the Outlook calendar on the mobile. 

Microsoft Teams: Introduction 

We have made a video on how to best host meetings in Teams.

The video shows, among other things, how to mute your microphone, use the Raise Hand function and how to blur your background. 


Microsoft Planner

The update of the Planner course in English is now complete, and therefore we can now present a new updated course on Planner. 

Microsoft Outlook 

Microsoft Outlook is updated with the following videos:

  • Rules in Outlook
  • Meetings in Outlook
  • Online meetings in Outlook
  • Open a colleague's calendar


We can now present a new updated course about Planner in Danish.

We are in the process of updating in English and will announce when this is ready.

Teams: Introduction

The course has been updated with a new video on how to navigate in Microsoft Teams.


The course about Outlook is updated in both danish and English on the following:

  •  Introduction/ Introduktion
  • Get off to a good start/ Kom godt I gang
  • Search and filter your email/ Søg og filtrer

  • Organize your email by using folders/ Organiser din indbakke med mapper

  • Create an email signature in Outlook/ Lav din egen mailsignatur


The course is updated with an introduction video in English 

Teams: Introduction

The course is updated with a video on “Teams mobile” in English

Outlook on the web

  • The course has been updated in English with a video on how to "Open a shared mailbox"
  • The course has been updated in English with a new video about “Outlook mobile app”
  • The course quiz has been updated

Teams – Introduction

  • We have updated “Navigation in Teams” so that the call function is now integrated in the video

Teams: Collaboration 

  • The course has been updated with a new tip on how to share system sound in a Teams meeting

Teams: Work from Home has been split up

Teams: Collaboration has received the content from Work from Home

Find content on meetings, teams, channels and much more here

Update of Teams: Introduction

  • Easily correct typos in Teams chat (coming soon in ENG!)

Update of Yammer:

  • Groups have been renamed Communities and the course now shows that change

Update of Teams: Work from home with new videos

  • How to: Create a channel in Teams
  • How to: Opret et team i Teams
  • Good advice: When to create a channel - and which to create?
  • Good advice: When to create a new team?

Major Update – new Teams course!

The new course on Teams focuses on how you best use Teams when you work from home.

Minor Updates

  •  SharePoint: Lists and Libraries have two new videos: “Create a blank list” and “Create and edit a view”.
  • Teams: Introduction has improved audio quality on the video Teams on the phone
  • Outlook on the web is a new course with focus on how to use Outlook as an online user.

Major Update – new Teams course!

The new course on Teams focuses on how you expand Teams to include other applications.

This new course has also been added to the Teams learning plan.

Minor Updates

  • Teams Introduction and Collaborations: Both courses have been updated with new videos
  • PowerPoint: We have added a Work-smarter-section to the course
  • Excel: The same has been added to Excel as to PowerPoint
  • Office for the web was renamed from Office Online

Major Update

  • Teams: Our separation is done. New videos have been added to the introductions of both courses.

Minor Updates

  • Word: New Work-smarter-section added that highlights features when working in the cloud.
  • Office Online is being renamed to “Office for the web” during February.

Major Update: Teams

The Teams course has now been split up into two separate courses. There are now two courses:

  • Teams: Introduction
  • Teams: Collaboration

Teams: Introduction

This course is now only a basic introduction course, where the user learns what is what, and how to get started.

The course has new videos that introduce the basic features in Teams.

Teams: Collaboration

This course contains some of the less basic features from the original course.

It goes into depth about how to use Teams to collaborate.

Minor updates

Outlook: has been updated with a mobile video now that explains how to use it
OneDrive for Business: The Danish course has Danish interface in the videos

Planner: The Danish word for buckets (formerly ‘filsæt’) is changed to 'opgavesamling’. This makes a lot more sense to Danish speakers, and we are happy to say that this is already included in the course

Flow to be renamed to Power Automate: The course will be renamed Power Automate as that is the new name introduced at Ignite.

Teams: The texts have had a review in both Danish and English.

Major Update: Skype for Business

  • Videos: all new videos
  • Speaks: all new speaks in both Danish and English
  • Texts: all new texts
  • Graphics: all new graphics
  • Quiz: brand new quiz with updated questions

Minor Updates:

  • Yammer: new English speak in whole course
  • To-Do: new English speak in whole course
  • Lots of other courses: new English speaks has been added as needed

  • Excel: this course has been restructured and texts have been re-written
  • PowerPoint: this course has been restructured and texts have been re-written
  • Word: this course has been restructured and texts have been re-written

System updates:

  • All courses now get the green label in the course catalogue after the quiz is passed

  • Skype for Business: this course has been restructured, texts have been re-written and the Quiz is improved.
  • To-Do: have been remade from scratch.
  • Yammer: have been remade from scratch.

  • OneNote: updated with an access video, navigation video, new texts, and a new quiz
  • Yammer: updated with an access video, navigation video, and a new quiz
  • Forms: updated with an access video, navigation video, new texts, and a new quiz
  • To-Do: updated with an access video, navigation video, new texts, and a new quiz
  • Outlook: updated with an access video, new texts, and a new quiz
  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint: all updated with an access video, navigation video, new texts, and a new quiz
  • Teams: updated with three new videos in response to the changes Microsoft has made in the past months
  • SharePoint: The course in Danish is updated with the new layout that was introduced in the summer by Microsoft
  • And many more course has been given an update with texts, quizzes and videos. Check it out!

  • Planner has been updated to enhance the learning

  • Stream has been revised

SharePoint Online: Major upgrade 

  • Brand new design of the course – both of the visual and the learning 

  • Learn all about documents in SharePoint Online 

  • Better story telling of why you should use SharePoint Online 

  • Now includes videos on how to get started  

  • Learn how to synchronise to your own PC 

Minor upgrades: 

  • Power BI have been added new graphics to further the learning of the programme 

  • OneDrive has been added a new video about the mobile app 

  • Teams has been added a new video about the mobile app 

  • To-Do has been added a video on how to get tasks from Planner into To-Do, so all tasks are gathered in one place 

  • Teams’ video about managing teams has been updated to fit the programme 

OneDrive for Business: Major upgrade

  • Total redesign of the course
  • All new videos that tell "The Why" as well as "The How"
  • Showing how to get started and navigate
  • Focus on motivation and what is does to help the user everyday

Teams: Major upgrade 

  • The structure of the course fits the structure of Teams - and we teach the user basic navigation as well 
  • All videos show the latest version of Teams 
  • The course include more information and practical “how to’s “ - and highlights a few adjustments you can make to make it more easy to work with Teams as a whole 

Other updates

  • Sway: redesigned to give a better understanding
  • Stream: redesigned to give a better understanding

 Windows 10: Major upgrade 

  • Redesigned to improve the learning of the students
  • New videos for the whole course that explains in depth about the options in Windows 10
  • Updated all the information to fit where Windows 10 is today
  • Packed the course with neat tips throughout to make you more efficient in your work
  • The quiz is new and better 

  • Yammer is now available in Danish and with a better introduction 
  • Planner has been entirely re-made; learn all about what plans, buckets and cards are and how to use them efficiently with your coworkers in both Danish and English
  • Teams is now available in Danish and we will keep adding content here 
  • OneNote in English have had a few videos added. The Danish and English courses are now in Sync.

New courses added

  • Power BI
  • Forms
  • To-Do

Course updates

  • OneDrive for Business: added elements on “Find files Shared with Me”
  • Delve: added elements on “Update your competencies” and “Find colleagues based on competencies”