Learning Portal

Learning should not be difficult.

Why a Learning Portal?

Available standard IT tools are far from being fully utilized. In many cases, this is due to a lack of knowledge about the benefits of the tools, and appropriate training in using them properly.

We would like to change that.

With our learning portal, you can structure training and offer unlimited access to courses about standard Microsoft tools for all your employees. With the courses in the learning portal you can offer training in both Danish and English, and let the employees learn whenever it suits them best. There is no need for large logistical coordination or a heavy resource draw. Once access is established, a link is all it takes to get started learning.

Examples from our many courses

Teams: Introduction - Navigate

An example from our course in Teams: Introduction. 

Sharepoint: Lists and libraries - Document Libraries

An example from our course in Sharepoint: Lists and libraries. 

Planner: What is a plan

An example from our course in Planner. 

Get support to ensure value in the tools you already have

The learning portal is designed in a way that let's you achieve and secure more value with the programs you already have access to. Is OneDrive for Business already implementd, but only used by a few? Are you planning on using Teams as a communication platform, but don't know how to get everyone to acquire the few, but necessary, skills required? Is it difficult with the shared files in SharePoint Online? Our courses are designed to give you a good start and get everyone onto the same level. This is how you can ensure the best use of what you already have.

Easy to use

First of all, our learning portal is easy to use; our courses are at introductory level, we do not use difficult IT professional terms and the system itself is simple and user friendly. In addition, users do not need a new password or username. We believe that all are prerequisites for being relevant at all.

Ongoing functional updates - part of our service

We are constantly updating our learning portal with new features as well as keeping our standard courses up to date.

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