With offices and factories in five countries, effective virtual communication is central to TAJCO. Of the company's 1,200 employees, about 400 are Office 365 users, and the IT department wanted to offer users the excellent collaboration tools that Microsoft Teams has. ProActive's learning platform, IntraActive Learning, became the solution for TAJCO's employees to become more aware of the opportunities Microsoft Teams has to offer.

TAJCO develops and manufactures exhaust trims for premium brands such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Volvo. The company is headquartered in Vejle, but has factories and distribution centers in China and Slovakia as well as offices in Germany and the United States.

Traditionally, TAJCO employees travel extensively, but there is a natural desire to increase speed and agility by enhancing virtual collaboration across the organization. So far, Skype for Business has played a major role, but TAJCO is aware that Teams offers many more opportunities to improve virtual collaboration.


Quick adaption with the learning platform

All new IT tools require a proper introduction in order to get started. To secure a successful deployment in the business, TAJCO chose to use ProActive's learning platform IntraActive Learning to enhance users' understanding of Teams.

IntraActive Learning makes it easy to deploy Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 tools, as it provides easy-to-use introduction and training videos in both Danish and English. Therefore, by choosing IntraActive Learning, TAJCO did not have to create their own guides.

In addition, access to the learning portal fit's well with the company's overall desire to become more digital. Moving forward, the portal can provide employees with updated training in other relevant Office 365 programs.

"The adoption of digital tools is not always easy in a company like ours. We have colleagues with very different backgrounds, both in terms of using IT tools, but also linguistically and culturally. A platform like ProActive Learning makes life much easier for us because others have thought about what a user needs to know about the new program, and the material is ready for us, so we just have to link to it"

Mads Kristensen

Director Group IT

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