Lejerbo enhances the qualifications of employees with ready-made IT courses

Lejerbo is a large organization with many employees and offices throughout the country. At the moment, Lejerbo is modernizing their internal IT systems, giving employees the opportunity to work smarter. Lejerbo is implementing this modernization with the ambition of providing an even better and more coherent housing organization for the benefit of all living in Lejerbo's many thousands of rentals. If all employees can do it just a little bit smarter, then overall the organization will be better at creating "Room For Life" for the individual resident.


Virtual learning universe

There are many different initiatives underway, and now the time has come to upskill employees - because if employees do not participate in the new opportunities, no better work routines will be created.

Lejerbo has offices throughout the country, and in order to be able to reach out broadly with an appropriate competence boost - also outside the largest offices - Lejerbo, in collaboration with ProActive, has established a virtual learning universe. In the learning universe, the individual can, at his or her own pace and when it suits their everyday life, qualify themselves and slowly but surely use the new tools. With this solution, coaches should not be hired and taken out of the calendar to sit on the "school bench" to the same extent as before. Now training can be provided instead when the need arises and in the situation.


Get answers and learn more

In the learning portal, Lejerbo's employees can get help with many different tasks.

  • Is it difficult to upload and share a document? Get the answer in a course that can be completed immediately.
  • Is it difficult to get started with OneDrive for Business? A good introduction and answers to the most common questions can be completed and found right away.
  • Is there any smart tips for the new Windows 10? Lejerbo's standard courses have the answers and can show it.
  • Lejerbo's IT systems are constantly evolving and similarly the courses in the learning portal are updated. In this way, changes can be made continuously and in smaller chunks.

"For us it would be a big task to create training material in Danish ourselves, and we would have a hard time keeping it up to date. Now we can get the whole package in Danish in a ready-made solution that is easy to use , and that can evolve with us as an organization. It's a great service to our employees."

Max Thomsen

IT System Administrator

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