Danish Crown

Danish Crown

As part of a long-term strategy to continuously ensure employees' competence development, Danish Crown has introduced a new learning portal.

Danish Crown is known in Denmark as the cooperative slaughterhouse with more than 125 years on the market, but they are also a global food company and among one of the largest in their field. Danish Crown employs over 7,000 office workers who needs the opportunity to learn and develop their skills. Therefore, various employee groups have been given the opportunity to systematically raise their skills through a learning portal. The learning portal helps to raise the level of competence of the organization, and ensures a high quality in all processes.



During a short and intensive period, Danish Crown and ProActive have launched the learning platform MyPlace2Learn, with virtual courses such as the many Microsoft applications in Office 365, Office Pro and Windows. Furthermore, Danish Crown also has the opportunity to create their own HR learning, onboarding of administrative staff as well as multi-level security.

The solution is easy to use and can include both on-demand virtual courses and traditional classroom courses and tests. Therefore, the solution is designed to be able to evolve over time and contain courses for all elements of the company, where a high and uniform quality must be ensured.


Integrated with Office 365

The learning portal is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) integrated in Office 365 with single sign-on. ProActive ensures that the platform is fully operational and constantly updated with new functionality, courses and training material on Microsoft software. This way, Danish Crown can concentrate solely on developing the platform with its own courses.

The learning portal is offered in various models and is also an excellent complement to ensure successful adoption of the various services in Office 365.


"The solution is easy to use and includes both virtual courses on demand and traditional courses and tests. Thus, the solution is designed to develop over time and includes courses for all the elements of the company, where high and uniform quality must be ensured."

Danish Crown

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