Aarhus Universitet

Aarhus Universitet

In companies where many thousands of employees are employed, it is always a big task to implement new solutions and ensure a successful adaptation. That's why IntraActive Learning's solution can help, when many employees needs to learn new solutions.

Employees at Aarhus University has to get used to storing their documents in the cloud in OneDrive for Business instead of the file drive that the university has made available to this date. At the same time, they must also learn how to take advantage of the new advantageous opportunities OneDrive for Business offers in terms of file sharing and collaboration.

For this very purpose, the University of Aarhus has chosen to use ProActive's learning portal, which gives users easily accessible access to updated courses with training videos, so that they can quickly learn the opportunities and best practices. In this way, the University of Aarhus expects users to replace the old file drives with modern technology and new possibilities for a relatively smooth and comfortable transition.


Collaboration via the home office

As a consequence of the Corona epidemic, and the urgent need to support collaboration from a home office, Aarhus University launched Microsoft's collaboration and communication platform: Microsoft Teams.

To support training and education in the use of Teams, the University of Aarhus assigned all 10,000 employees at the university to the already established learning portal, which contains online courses in both Danish and English. This way, Aarhus University ensured a rapid launch of the new platform without compromising training and support.

At the same time, Aarhus University can enjoy not having to spend a lot of resources on maintaining and distributing user manuals and training materials. ProActive ensures that the learning portal materials are always updated with the latest elements.

"The learning portal has received great praise from our users. We can see that it is used extensively and that the learning portal helps ensure that Teams has quickly become the users' preferred collaboration tool."

Karsten Ovesen


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